Venmo: Send & Receive Money App Reviews

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Love the convenience, easy transfer, and no fees!


Hope to see it good!!


Good system, I don’t like how to tells people who you’re paying. Why is that important?

The best app

I just started use this app and it works great for me! THANK YOU

Fast transfers!!

This has been really helpful and very affordable. Same day transfers for only 25cents! thank you venmo for 1 great app! Also the customer service has always been A1 whenever I have an issue ??

Pick another app not this one

Worst app. Payments always decline. There is always something going on. Haven’t been able to get money out of my account for days now. A complete inconvenience.

Great way to pay friends/ services

I use this app all the time to send money. I prefer it over Zelle because you’re allowed to use your credit card too and Zelle does not allow that.


Gone are the days your friend says they’ll “pay you back”..and it doesn’t happen. Thanks Venmo!??????

Well designed.

Very easy to use, decently fast deposit time. ??

Venmo stole $215 from my account and won’t give it back.

Don’t use this app, I just lost $215 cause of it.


Awesome app - super convenient! Removed Delay for interbank transfer! Two thumbs up! ??Highly recommend it?

Awesome app!

Super convenient way to pay friends family and even some merchants! Love it! Thanks Venmo!

Very Upset

My Venmo was working just fine until March 18th, it decided to stop working completely. It keeps telling me “Payments Declined. Try again later.” Yet, I have plenty of money in my bank account AND my debit card. I have contacted Venmo MULTIPLE times, and even called MULTIPLE times for over the phone support and have gotten NOWHERE. It is April 3rd and STILL my Venmo doesn’t work anymore. When will I receive access to help, and/or have my Venmo fixed. Tired of waiting and am most likely going to get a different money transferring application.


Easy to use!

Claire Toothill

Going to send all my money to your friends until you talk to me once so I can make more money to give to you to give to your friends I’d prefer to feel broken up att.


i love this app like it is literally so convenient!!! If my friend doesn’t have cash they just venmo me like how simple is that. great app.


Make it so if I have more than one card I can easily choose the different card. Other than that I like it!

It killed my bank info

Had to delete existing info and reenter same info.


So necessary today. I use Venmo instead of cash everywhere!

Best app ever!!!

Do you have kids living away and not sure how easy it is for them to cash a check! Venmo it to them! Easy, safe and quick. Highly recommend.

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