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Convenient & useful

Like the app. Bank transfers just take a long time.

Works well and is easy to use

Like the app, dont like that payments are default public but otherwise its a good payment app.

Venmo has never been anything

But lit. Download it. And if you enjoy it, please venmo me some money for my recent speeding ticket Joseph Lampkin.

Works great, using it for over two years

Works great and never a problem. As in any financial app, go through it and make sure the settings are to your liking.

Great app

Best app to send money.


Venmo works beautifully and effortlessly! A MUST HAVE in this day and age.

Love it!!!

Very simple and easy to use, an excellent app.

So convenient!!!

Venmo is great for taking care of all those small transactions between friends and family. I use it on a regular basis.

How easy!

So easy to pay people! Just one example: I owed my kids money for having worked for me and I was in a hurry to leave the house. They needed their money. What do I do? Venmo them! Boom! Done! Notice Venmo is a verb now :)

Two drawbacks

First--its not instant like Square CASH app! Second, I do NOT want the world to see--to whom and for what-- Im transferring money to!

Its PayPal

Its PayPal for college kids. Run by PayPal.

Amazing money app

I use this all the time whether its making bets with my friends and for receiving and making payments.

New to Venmo

Works great, no problems


Wow! Fast and easy.

Only payment our babysitter accepts

Fast and easy to use. Love it.

Super Convenient!

Makes transactions a breeze, with easy linkage to you bank!

Will steal your money!!!!!!

I made a transfer and it was pending. A couple days later my account was frozen due to suspicious activity. I got an email saying I need to provide all these documents to prove my identity and that my funds would be on hold until I unfreeze my account. I said that I wouldnt be using Venmo and want that payment canceled. After I emailed them that my payment thats been pending went through. I had to start a dispute charge with my credit card company. This was Venmo response: Duke H. (Venmo) Nov 3, 6:35 PM CDT Hi Eunice, Duke here with Venmo support. Apologies for the inconvenience. It sounds like you have the situation well in hand with your card company and that dispute. I hope you are able to work it out with them. If you want to reopen your Venmo account in the future, we will need you to send us the documentation we requested. Please dont hesitate to follow up with us if you want to continue working to resolve this. Good luck. Cheers, Duke H. Support | Venmo


No complaints. Makes life much easier all the time.

Beautifully Simple and Elegant

Just what I need for quick digital payments with an elegant user experience.

Reliable and fast

I love Venmo and I use it daily. Its trustworthy and reliable.

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