Venmo App Reviews

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So convenient

Nothing is easier in a world where no one carries cash.

Deactivated my account for no apparent reason

While Ive been told by some folks that this app and service work well, all of my experiences with it have been negative. Either amounts are incongruent across devices, resulting in onerous changes, or the app doesnt work, theres always a problem. But even worse is the customer service. Upon completing a transaction, my account was frozen and a week later I was sent a notice that my account had been deactivated permanently for a breach of the EULA. However, nothing in the transaction was illegal, illegitimate, or otherwise in breach of the agreement. No information has been given. This only compounds on a serious number of problems with a service that is supposedly easy and secure. I would recommend using CashApp or your banking app instead of this app. The social components are garbage (who wants everyone to see all your cash transactions?) and the service dont work as intended. End of story.

Holy moly

Great app. Super convenient. That is all.

Great app to pay friends

Venmo is a fantastic platform that makes it really easy to pay friends and split checks without making the restaurant split the bill (some restaurants are weirdly bad at this).

Easy and quick

I dont know what people are complaining about. I have been using if for four years. I have had 3 employers pay me this way. Great for 1099 and invoicing. Transfers in one day. Also use for splitting bills.

Never Using this App Again

I sent money to a friend and everything went through. I had the money in my account but Venmo had put a hold to my account weeks later saying the transfer didnt go through. I found out that what I had transferred to my friend didnt go through and venmo still allowed it to go. Now I have to a debt to Venmo and my bank for over draft fees.

Super easy!

Im old. But I get this! No more checks in the mail! Love it!


Changed cards linked up with Venmo, took 5 days to confirm my account for god knows what reason. People were getting mad for not paying them. But otherwise cool and easy

Easy and convenient

Such an easy way to transfer money between friends and clients. Especially useful for money deposited from other cities.

This is the worse!

Is this a scam! Money is being held in some weird account! Now the money I sent my daughter is stuck and my daughter never got it!!! This App is awful!!!!!

Convenience and security

I have been using Venmo for 2 years now. It is So convenient for family transfers and gifts. I love using it.

Good app

Easy to use, payments and requests quick to send. Can link bank account to transfer money directly to your account.


the customer service is deplorable and they offer no protection from hackers or fraud, etc. for a company owned by PayPal i truly expected better service. i would never trust this company again. dont waste your time or risk your money with this app.


Venmo is lightning fast and super convenient. When people find out that I take music lesson payments via Venmo, theyre always pleased because it costs neither payer nor payee to use.

Great app

Very easy to use and works as stated.


the app. Great for paying friends back right away!!


I use venmo for almost all my transactions from rent to paying friends when we split the cost of something. Money always transfers quickly too

Great app

One less star because default privacy is set to public. Thats shady.

Well designed

My only issue is that my account was randomly frozen one day, and I was asked to email Venmo. When I did this, my account was unfrozen a few days later with no reply.

Safe and friendly

Easy to use, safe to use

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