Venmo: Send & Receive Money Відгуки

Changed my life

Best thing that ever happened to me

Don’t download

This app seemed really nice at first. A friend owed me $230 so she sent me the money through this app. And when I tried to transfer he money to my debit card they froze my account then said that I violated their terms and that the money is under investigation . This all happened back in February. Fast forward to May I get an email saying they have reviewed my transaction history and realized they made a mistake and are gonna refund me my money. I transferred $100 to my bank and it came then When I tried to transfer the remaining $130 they said I violated their terms and literally that same day they sent me another email saying they made a mistake . They really need to fix this app so people don’t have to go through what I went through

The New York Dose (podcast)

Venmo is lit!!


I have an old phone and cannot use ios 10, and recently Venmo doesn't allow payments to be done through the website anymore-- only through the app. I love Venmo but I don't like the fact that I cannot use it anymore just because I can't buy a new phone

Simple and straightforward

Easy to navigate, easy to use... makes life easy. This is def a good thing!

Great app but 1 issue

When sending money I typically use a tele # but I don’t get to see the name of the recipient until the money is already sent... what if I make an error when entering the tele #

Delete and re-add bank info

I'd been using Venmo no problem. All of a sudden it wouldn't make a payment, saying I needed to delete my bank info and re-add it. No reason given for this. I deleted and then re-entered exactly the same bank info as had been working before and the payment worked. I was trying to pay someone standing right in front of me and had to apologize and make the payment later.



Easy Peasy

It’s easy to transfer funds (we have separate accounts and will keep it that way). In the world of identity theft, never put your eggs all in one basket, because there’s a fox on every corner. We use Venmo to quickly and effectively (and cheaply) transfer funds as needed for our bigger purchases. Great job, even if IT IS PAYPAL (read the disclaimer).

I love venmo

It is great to transfer money to friends and family! And send reminder to people! You can see what/ when you sent $$ to someone! And helps me to keep a record!!

Fast and easy to use

I love how easy it is to send money when my kids need it. They receive it quick too.


Venmo is aaaammmmazing!!! Fast, easy, & convenient. So great to pay friends, give gifts love the app.


Love the app. Just wish we could nickname different bank accounts. I have 3 different wellsfargo accounts on mine and occasionally I forget which is which



Easy to use, wonderful app!

I use Venmo all the time and have never had an issue with it. The app is streamlined and easy to use, never crashes or has issues. It’s the easiest way to exchange money for both work and personal!


No web support and fraud activities popping up all over the place. Everyone is dumping this app and using more secure forms of payment.

Signing in

I uploaded the program but when I logged out I can’t get logged back in. I only get a sign up screen. I am on an iPhone.

Venmo Is the greatest app

Great concept, simple execution. It’s like evolved PayPal

Venmo could be better

Convenient but app is poorly designed. IMO, the public posting of people making transactions with others is far too transparent. It can be disabled for my transactions but I do not know how to not have access to others. The payment method should be able to be changed more easily and in the step just before executing transfer. This current setup makes you back all the way out of the transaction, go back into settings, modify the payment method, and then go through the whole process again. This is an easy thing to improve and they should.

User friendly

Venmo is user friendly I never have to owe money😜

so easy

it’s so quick and simple


I love the app but hate they charge u a few to pay friends. That’s what it’s used for the most!!!!

Easy and secure.

Awesome the use of the technology to make this money transfers easy and secur, love Venmo

Venmo is the worst

They freeze your account if you get more than $100 transferred to you. Cash app is way better.

Default public payments

Data privacy should be the default!!

Super convenient !

I have no complaints whatsoever :)

Great for Landlords!

I have 14 rental properties and I resisted using Venmo when my first few renters asked about it. But my daughter told me to try it. Now all my renters pay by Venmo. No more late checks or “I mailed it”! Love Venmo!



Can be a breeze and very convenient

Generally, I'm really satisfied with the app. I love paying off people really fast.


Killed it

Weak on Privacy and Control of Deposits

The setup is strongly tilted towards way too much sharing of info. You have to check and adjust numerous settings very carefully to limit publication of your transactions. Also, if you link more than one bank account, it is hard to assure that funds received will go to the correct account, unless you know exactly when (in advance) the funds are coming in.


they won’t even accept my debit card that ALWAYS works and caused me to be stranded with no money because it wouldn’t send instantly. DO NOT USE THIS APP JUST USE PAYPAL


This app is absolutely awful. Everytime someone transferred money to me i would receive the money i would get it in my venmo account but would never be able to transfer it to my debit card because i was constantly red flagged or in other words they were looking into my account for specific reasons that were not known, well this happend after the first 4 times i had received money, also custom service did not help at all as to telling me the reasons this was happening.I got all my money out after 4 weeks of waiting for them to unfreeze my account got all my money out and deleted this app. GET CASH APP 2x better app


Venmo is truly awesome! It makes sending money to my wife so much easier than going to the bank. Although I wish she didn’t need as much money everyday as she does😀 Seriously makes life easier.

Venmo Love

This app makes my life a lot easier on sending & receiving money!!

Suspended accounts

Why are we able to put money into someone else suspended account? How can we get our money back so I can get it to the right person?

Easy to use

Easy & convenient

Great App

Never any issues 👍🏼


So fast and convenient

So convenient!

Enjoy how easy and convenient it is to pay people.



Protect your money. Use another app!

Please read EVERY review and complaint out there. This company has a pattern of behavior that should be classified as criminal. They will accept a transfer and then freeze BOTH the sender and the receiver’s accounts with zero explanation. They will keep your money indefinitely and will tell you nothing. If you need to pay bills, rent, for travel or anything else that is time sensitive, you are setting yourself up for failure by using Venmo. If you are reading this saying “it works fine for me”, then maybe you are a part of the group they care about, or it simply has not happened YET.


Watch out, Venmo doesn’t work for all users. Had a great couple of experiences but when people tried to pay me, it wouldn’t deposit to my acct. I had to give them back their money and use Cash App.


My payments always go through, I always get my payments back, transfer to bank is FAST! , friends are all on Venmo, this it it economically a good decision as well. Kudos to you! Cheers.

Lower the service charge and I would use again

Service charge? $1.50 for a $50 payment. Outrageous!

I love venmo

I love Venmo it helps me spoil my girlfriend hehe


Money works.

Awful app

Locked me out of my account for a year now and deleted the money that was in my account that was over $200 and have been unable to get it back and unable to reach anyone on their team for help you should just use Apple Pay or square cash instead of this app


Talk about making our lives easier. Venmo is the way.


we need transaction history

  • send link to app