Venmo: Send & Receive Money Відгуки

Very poor customer service and payment security

Venmo was good until they were not. I received multiple large transactions from random people on different days (probably a mistyped username) so I sent them back their money and Venmo management permanently banned my account. Keeping the money would have been a crime. Management is poor and the only thing the CS reps say is that they can’t help you. This app will cost you time and business if anything goes wrong. Cash app never has any problems like this and cash even offers the swipe add on lol

Awesome App

This is a great app!! User friendly and easy to exchange monies without digging for change. Easy and more convenient then Zelle! Thank you Venmo.

Luv the app

Great app, easy to use!!

Quick fast, easy

Transfers fast. Easy to find my contacts and send money. No issues

Their fees add up like crazy if you over draft your account

Venmo is corrupt

Worst app ever

Stay away. They will put your bank account in the negative by holding transactions. Then you will owe the app. I emailed and all I was told, “ its not on out end” it 100% IS ON THEIR END. Shame on you for your dishonesty. You are legal thieves!

Charged more

I was charged more than I was told when transferred money to bank.

Love it

A wonderful service and so easy to use. Thanks, Venmo!

Why did it go to my Amex and charge me 3%???

I wanted to use my bank acct!


Good stuff

Always been helpful!

Can always count on Venmo to get me out of tough spot when I need a spot💯


Venmo is so easy to use and fun! You don’t have cash in hand? Simple! Venmo your family, friend, or search a stranger. The fun part about it is you can use emojis (be create) to say what you paid for!

Great app

👱🏼‍♀️➡️ 💵💸💰 ➡️ 👱🏼‍♂️ 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Gets the job done

The social aspect is silly and pointless from a user POV but app gets the job of settling up with people done simply and in a pretty user friendly way.

Do not use this

It ask you to invite friends, wants connect with your contacts, wants to connect with your fb friends, needs bank account and credit card... this is asking for your whole information... it’s too much. Use cash or PayPal

East to use.

Works great.

Simple Easy Quick

Love this app!

Great way to pay someone

Love this! It’s so easy to make payment to someone you know!!!!


It’s lit. I use it everyday.

Easy for All

This is the best way to send money to your kids in college

I like it.

Venmo does what it says.

Easy To Pay!

I love Venmo. It’s so easy to pay and to receive money from family. Nice job Venmo!

B better have my money

I like it a lot! I think it’s a really convenient way to keep track of my finances and IOU notes are better when they get paid 😂 it’s great.


If there was an option for no stars I’d give it! My money’s been sitting in this Venmo for days and they won’t let me transfer it to the bank or a friend. So basically I am beat. And every person I talked to says they don’t know why but it was red flagged. Okay?! Thanks for no help. Enjoy my money

Best Money Transfer

Easy to use and ALWAYS work. Much better than any other!

Slow app

After the new UI update the app moves HORRIBLY slow. Please take a look at this.

Best App Ever

It’s there when you need cash in an emergency

Easy and great

Easy and great to use


I should be a representative of Venmo! I tell every person about the convenience and ease of using Venmo, the Venmo chat, and the new Venmo card that people ask if I work for Venmo. They all said they would get the app and could not wait to get the card. The reason I speak to others about it is because I love it. Hire me! 😁

Honestly, comes in handy when you’re out eating with friends!!

Honestly, comes in handy when you’re out eating with friends!!

User Beware

The Venmo system can decline purchases arbitrarily, based on supposed security flag and will not disclose what that may be via private notice or through customer service team assistance. Imagine purchasing with friends and agreeing to share payment in this way only to be declined without reasonable indications or avenues for reconciliation. Not a good system! Customer service cannot help when needed in this type of case. “This doesn't necessarily mean that you've done something wrong, as the declines are automated by our system. I'm very sorry about the inconvenience here, but at this time we are not able to override these declines. For security reasons, customer facing teams like myself are not able to see the exact reason for the decline, but in some cases you may be able to try the purchase again later. Unfortunately due to the way our system is set up for security purposes no one is able to see the specific reason. I know it's not ideal, but again you might be able to try again later, since most of the time these declines do clear up with time. Users are not notified of specific reasons by our system.”

Very fast and easy!

I love how fast and easy this is.

User friendly

Venmo is easy and convenient


Finally good app

.25 cent fee is petty


In love with this app!

Venmo is such an amazing tool! This is how I pay my babysitter and it’s great for a girls night out! Venmo makes everything super easy and super convenient. Especially now that they have the Venmo cards! I love you guys! Keep up the awesome work!


Everything about this company is a scam. I guarantee when you try and add a debit card it’ll be “flagged for security reasons” for no reason. They’ll ask you to provide your bank info in which the only way to do it is to provide your bank login and password information. After doing that I STILL couldn’t do an instant transfer. There’s nobody to speak with other the weekends and the people they chat all work with scripts and do nothing but give you the run around. I suggest you do your research before putting any of your money in the hands of this company! At least PayPal goes by the policies and guidelines they tell their customers!!

They goosed the west palm squad

They keep taking money from me 🤷🏿‍♀️

Love this app


Easy Peasy

If I can do it, anyone can. Easy to set up and user friendly. Give and get what’s owed quickly.


Love how fast, easy, secure and reliable Venmo is!

Returned to sender After 1-3 days deposit without my consent

I will never use this app again! It’s going on 3 weeks where a payment was sent to me and I did 1-3 days deposit and on the 3rd day my payment was returned to sender from my account without my consent or acknowledgment and I am getting no help!!!

Unhappy Venmo

Too hard to find people and hate the public feed

So much better than pay pal.

It’s fast, easy, and you don’t get nickeled and dimed with fees.

Cash App by Square is so much better

Square Cash App is fasting, easier to use. No fees! Much cleaner, sophisticated app.

Great app but...

Great app, works like a charm. Used it to pay my dog walker and rent in the past and fees are very little. Just wish it had a an option for reoccurring payments and scheduled payments.

If you have urgent and instant deposit don’t use Venmo

My first experience using this app was horrible, I sent a money to my friend, she can’t transfer it to her account. Then she send it back to me I can’t even send it back to my account, when I call the customer service they said I have to wait 1 to 3 days to transfer the money... if anyone needs an instant deposit to do something urgent don’t even think about venmo... PayPal and Venmo is brother and sister they both hold your money and ready to apologize for the inconvenience while you need your money.


Simply adequate





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