Venmo: Send & Receive Money Відгуки


Easiest thing ever

Quick & easy

Love it!

Near perfect

Because we have a joint checking account, we sometimes have to Venmo each other to get our cash transferred into our bank account.

Instant transfer

Venmo security measures and lack of assistance really make this app hard to deal with. Not impressed!

Super easy

Súper rápido y muy bueno para pagar rápido ❤️

Mistake made

I wrongly paid $500 today to John Gartner @john-gartner and the right beneficiary should have been &johngart3 How do I fix this mistake getting my money back and paying the right beneficiary?

I actually enjoy paying people back

Also I literally can’t remember how I used to pay people back I use this so much. I can’t wait until I can open up tabs with bars on Venmo and split the tab with friends.


We love when life is easy and this makes life easy. Go Venmo!


Makes paying or receiving payment between friends and family easy and stress free!!!

This has made everything SO much easier

Venmo made everything easy. Doesn’t matter what bank you use or anything. ❤️

Mr. Highly dissatisfied

I am very unhappy with Venmo's policies procedures. I set up my account put money in out of my bank account tried to transfer it to my daughter-in-law out of state and they froze my account for two weeks. Now I'm fighting with them to unfreeze my account because of their procedures not anything I did wrong. I could've sent money by check quicker than is taking them just figure out what the problem is!!


This is an awesome app I’ve have no problems using it.


Venmo has an easily manageable interface, is simple set up, and is great app overall. Very thankful for this app!


I would love it if we could include a photo with our payment, (I.e. the food, restaurant, theatre or whatever we are paying for.) it would be more fun to interact with friends through the app that way.

Verify Process

Caveat - I have not read any instructions on how to use this app. That being said as I was working through the payment process it asked me to verify two amounts on a certain date to verify my account. No amounts were transacted on that day to my bank account. Perhaps I am missing something but this now means I must use a card via the app to pay. Otherwise great app but not as intuitive as it could be.


So easy and so simple!!!

Love Venmo...

Simple, Fast & User Friendly app I use to send my kids money instantly when they are away at college. Makes mama’s life easy 😊 💴

Better than credit cards!

Venmo saves me money and allows me to be paid immediately by anyone who needs to pay😊.

Confusing bank info

I added a bank account but it wouldn’t come up when payment was entered.


Had $4,800 stolen from me via venmo and spent weeks trying to get that money back with no avail. Customer support was EXTREMELY rude and unhelpful and refused to give me my money back and then they TERMINATED my account. Unbelievable. Would give it -10000 stars if I could. If you want to keep your money safe never use venmo!!!! I'm disgusted with their company.


Love venmo, very easy to use.


I had $1500 taken from account by hackers or someone through this site.

Great app, but missing one thing

Love the service and the app- makes my life soooo much easier with money transfers! Thank You! The only thing would be nice to have is instant Transaction History on the menu. Currently you can only see in on websites in statements option and via monthly email.


Love it

Love it!

Makes paying and getting paid back simple!



The best app ever

Love this app!!! I wish everyone would use this

Thank You

This has been a life saver

So simple

Super easy!!

Horrible app

Bad customer support. Lots of issues. Avoid

You can not receive my 20



Good stuff


This is the best app ever!!

Too Easy!

I choose Venmo over any other way to pay someone whether it’s splitting the bill, paying for a crafted item, or just an I owe you, kind of thing! It’s super easy (almost too easy to spend money), and it seems faster bc you don’t have as many clicks to have to go through to send or receive money! If any changes, it would to be able to have the money in the account sooner but it’s not a deal breaker!

Love this App so easy to use!



Very convenient! And fast!

Venmo is the best

Way better than PayPal


i like the convenience of venmo but i do not like that other people can see you paid other people. its nobody’s business who i paid money to for what! it feels invasive. kathleen douglas

Easy breezy

Easy to use.

Instant Pay

There needs to be INSTANT PAY!!!!

Freezes account without warning

Title says it all they Freeze your account without warning and take a very long time to get back to you.

Venmo in action

The few times insisted it was performing as it should. Except for 1 thing, they don’t pay people you send money too sometimes and hold the money as hostage and freeze your account with a lame excuse. You have breached the terms and conditions. Once that happens they first give you an option to give drivers license or cc statements. So I send my DL. They reply we still have you frozen you must send a statement for every CC you have on file!! Can you say set up for identity theft. So now they refuse to release the funds back to original card OR to the receiver. So they are holding the funds that are not theirs hostage and refuse to dispense them in any way shape or form. Welcome to Venmo the scam artists.

Unknown payment requests

It makes me really concerned that people you don’t even know can just request money from you and I find that a little bit scary as there is now an app for people to request payment of other people and this is just totally giving people the ability to steal money from other people and I really didn’t appreciate some random weird guy requesting a $40 payment for his Uber and fact I need to speak with someone on how he could possibly be in someway notified that it was not a very appropriate action to make as this is not a service that can gems that type of behavior as it Is rude and very very invasive

I wish I had this in college

No more passive aggressive notes left on the refrigerator about the gas bill.

Millennial junk

Why we need to mix social media with the transfer of funds I’ll never understand. But whatever. At 36 years old I’m now forced to play the part of the crotchety old grandpa. But what really irks me (dag nabbit!) is for all of us married folk with old timey joint checking accounts, it’s only going to work for the 1st spouse to sign up. It would be too complicated for the developers to have figured out a way to verify the same account for two users. And we’re just 50 years removed from sending a man to the moon.

My ish

Venmo takes to long to transfer money between banks.

So many glitches it's unusable

This app has gone so far downhill that it's practically impossible to use. Every single time I try to use it, it will freeze and crash at least 3 or 4 times before I can actually request or make a payment. It's unbelievably slow and full of glitches. Don't waste your time with Venmo when there are far better options these days like CashApp and the like.


This is the best way to transfer from one to another. Love it

I don’t like to send money

I always have to send money when I use this app

Revolutionary money exchanger

Such a great way to ‘even up’ with family and friends. Great!!

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