Venmo Відгуки


Venmo is the best! Easy. Simple. Safe.

Transfer to account

Takes to long to transfer to my bank. Apple Pay now more efficient to use..


Super easy to use , reliable and convenient.

The best!

Bestest thing ever! Thank you

Love it!

Makes paying everyone super easy!!

Cashless society

I never carry cash so this makes my life more convenient

It just Works

The title says it all.


Venmo appears to protect scammers that prey on honest individuals. They do not work with law enforcement and victims. Because of this, I cannot reccomend this app.

Great Service

Makes it extremely easy to make or receive payments at anytime. App works very well and is easy to maneuver.

Constructive criticism

Should be able to send some photos or something. Also should be able to report people for not doing what was asked for to receive money.


Easy to use!


I use Venmo for everything!

Easy and Reliable

Better and easier than going through the bank

Quick and Easy

Fast way to send and receive money.

4 stars

4 stars bc of having to download to send money to someone

Security nightmare

Downloaded app then found I have to give it full control of my bank account by giving them my account user name and password. Venmo is a great target for criminals who want bank account logins and passwords.

The future

The future is here.

Awesome sauce

She is fantastic!

Easy peezy

So happy to have a convenient and prompt return of funds from the app to my checking account. Other apps work too, but this one is most reliable IMO.

Great App but annoying to switch between cards

I use this app for paying my rent and also general stuff between my friends and I. I use different cards for those actions, and it’s annoying to have to go into the settings to change cards every single time I need to. Venmo should have an option that allows you to switch what card you use when you go to pay someone, the way it does for when you go to transfer your funds into your account. If they did that, I would give this app 5 stars.

Need folders

Great app. Easy to use for any money swap. But the only downfall is it needs a place to separate your funds that are in the "venmo bank account". Like the ability to have a Fantasy Football folder to keep payments in, versus a folder where people from work pay me.


I do not like the transfer process, if you use the cash app. When you transfer funds from Cash app to you bank account it shows instantly with this app you have to wait 3-5 days. Not fair it’s yours it should be available ASAP

Great app, reliable and secure

Great app, reliable and secure. Easy to use.

Love Venmo

So easy to use. Safe and makes payment and receiving payment so easy.

It’s good

Hell yeah

So easy

The fastest way to pay. And therefore the best

Calculator wins!

Love the calculator feature!

LOVE THIS APP... especially when ppl give me their $

This app is fantastic for friends, goods and comes in handy all the time!

Get or send $$$

Venmo works great. What a convenient way Pay or Receive money.

Takes too long

Takes too long to get your money transferred to the bank.

Be ware!

A friend got locked out of her account, before I knew it I had sent her $50 on the app. They then 1. wouldn’t let my friend get her $5” because she was locked out 2. Would let me refund the money back I to my account. And when I called my bank to cancel the transaction, they ... 3. Told me I now owe the app $50, and am locked out of the app u till I pay the app $50! Which makes NO sense at all! Terrible customer service I would NOT trust this company with my money, thank god it wasn’t more money!

5 star!!!

Very good I use it always

So far so good

Hope this works better than Squarespace


I was told I had violated their service usage and they froze my funds. When I spoke with them they would not tell me why. Then they banned me from using their app. I used this to get paid for dog sitting what in their terms says that’s a violation.

Slow Processing

I feel bank transfers take longer than other apps. I transferred funds to bank, then later the same day transferred funds to bank using a different app. Venmo took 3 days to transfer while the other app took 1 day.

Very useful app...

But these guys really have to change the user interface. When I try to pay someone, it feels like I'm using a social media application. Does not have a financing vibe like PayPal, nor are the paying/ receiving function intuitive. The transactions being public is another unnecessary element better integrated into a social media application.

Great app

This is an excellent way to get your own business

You shouldn’t ban people without warning

My friend was banned without warning because he has a sense of humor that went a little far (by venmo’s standards). Granted, you shouldn’t joke about money things, but to not even issue a warning for something as minuscule as a prank is ridiculous. Venmo takes themselves too seriously. One time, I requested $10,000 from my friend as a joke, which they declined. Luckily, he didn’t report me as a joke back or I would be in the same boat as my other friend. I will not be using this app anymore. I hope others will do the same.


Love the app, makes transferring money easy

The Greatest!

Noina is an absolute artist!! From waxing to microblading and everything in between she NEVER disappoints 😍


Muy buena aplicación!

No rewards, no instant

No rewards for inviting friends and you don’t get your money instantly transferred to the bank. Should be able to do that

Works great.

Sometimes, you need to restart your iPad for the new update to work.


Convenient way to send money to friend when you never have cash!


And now you can shop too

Needs privacy

Cash app much simpler and better. Horrible idea to publicly display what the money is sent for

UI is not that great

The UI is really not thar intuitive at all.


it’s a great app


Very easy to use

Most covenient app ever!! Love love love it!!!!


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